A Puzzle Unfolds

I’ve been visiting with good friends who live in Sarasota, Fla. What intrigued me was watching them work on very intricate puzzles with hundreds, if not thousands of pieces. They are really into it and one night, the two of them politely asked me to join in the fun.  My immediate response was that I’d rather drink a bottle of castor oil. Different strokes….

I do recognize that by putting together a puzzle, you turn the pile of random pieces into a coherent whole and you’re also teaching yourself that order can emerge from chaos. Now, chaos leads me into the subject of what the bleep is going on in our world. So much polarity, so much fear and insecurity about the future and so much arguing about it. All this negativity is impacting many of us. It’s almost as if many have developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; that experience of lingering negative feelings that result from scary, out-of-control experiences and that limit us and make our lives smaller and completely combustible.

I don’t have a remedy for how to fix this although many politicians and corporate titans relentlessly espouse their point of views and seem to make it worse.  The only thing I can offer is sage advice from some of the experts in the field of neuro-science such as Bruce Lipton PhD. Anthony William author of Medical Medium, Derek Rydall, author of Emergence.

According to, Anthony William, “A way to heal our particular form of PTSD across the spectrum is to create new experiences to serve as positive reference points in our lives. The more of these we create, the greater our chances of putting PTSD behind us.”  He continues, “Every new experience plants a life-giving seed in a garden of nutrient-thriving weeds.”  As explained, the experiences don’t have to be monumental and they don’t have to look like much to anyone else. They could be as simple as putting together a puzzle, painting, learning a new language, starting a garden, taking a walk in nature or on the beach as is my case. These simple exercises help orient us in the present moment and have immediate effect on our state of mind because they make us wake up to the beautiful detail in the world around us that otherwise we wouldn’t notice.  All this helps clear out the clouds of negativity from our consciousness.

We’re told in Medical Medium that these types of exercises  pluck out one unwanted weed at a time to free up space in the garden of your mind.”  You are training your brain as though it’s a radio, to access a healing frequency that is always available.


The Case of the Finial

My friend, a sales associate at a well-known home furnishings store was recently stalked by an irrational woman whose venomous insults were promulgated by a simple and polite request to desist from taking the finials (those cute little decorative nobs that screw into the top of lamps).  After unscrewing them she put them in her pocket. This was the beginning of my  friend having to deal with an emotionally disturbed woman whose thrill in life seemed to have been victim/victimizer role playing.

As the story goes, my friend, who I’ll call Alice to protect her identity from the finial thief, makes sure merchandise goes back to the proper shelves unbroken, unmolested and unpilfered by the seething crowds who come in for the great bargains. Alice encountered some flack lately in the guise of a lady with a true sense of entitlement, not to mention sticky fingers.  Alice asked the shopper to please stop removing the finials. To anyone’s eyes, she looked like a thief and when politely asked (as in management policy) to please put the finials back on the respective lamps, the woman began throwing very colorful, cringe-worthy language at Alice.

In shock, Alice walked off to report the incident to the manager of the store and when the thief in question processed the Big Picture, she quickly threw the finials back on the ground and walked out of the store in a huff yelling that she’d be back soon to “straighten that bitch out.” One could only think she meant my friend.  And, back she came the next day to wreak more vengeance.

Now, why do I tell this narrative?  Incidences of much greater import happen on a daily basis to many of us. I count road rage in that category.  I would find it quite difficult to say a kind word to an individual who cuts me off and gives me the finger because I’m driving 5 miles below the speed limit.  I realize saying a kind word sometimes neutralizes the situation and is a powerful tool when you think about it but it really is hard to get your mouth and your emotional body around the idea.

Angry, irrational, and rude people will test the stamina of many of us because to acknowledge another individual’s humanity is often outside our comfort zone, particularly when we feel attacked.  Yet, it is probably the most powerful opportunity to generate change within ourselves.  The more of us that invest in this type of behavior –that of kindness and forgiveness—invokes a field resonance. As it expands from one individual to the next, the resonance increases. It has a ripple effect that seems to grow in strength.

Many of us understand that the frequency of the planet is rising and anyone who is still asleep will get a little nudge to awaken from their ‘fog.’  These individuals become touched. Perhaps these people may define this as a personality crisis as their belief structures are altered and they are suddenly confused. Call it cognitive dissonance as they will experience a feeling of well-being out of nowhere. This is probably quite confusing for a person who has been beaten down throughout their lives and most likely very helpful for people who have been traumatized or who live in perpetual fear.  This is a time of increasing responsibility for those of us to do what we are here to do which is to create a more loving and harmonious world as we transition to a more conscious society.

A Great Healing Modality


Recently, I have been working with The Healing Codes discovered by Alex Loyd, PhD.  His story is an interesting one as he tells it.  He was desperately trying to help his wife who suffered from severe depression and knew her ailment was not simply a mental disorder but had definite emotional and spiritual components. The mind body connection of course. In prayer and meditation, he asked God/Unity Consciousness or whatever you’d like to call that unknown quantity for help. Eventually, he was given a gift through meditative transmissions;  an amazing healing modality which cured his wife and put thousands of people on the road to recovery from various dis-eases. He currently lectures all over the world and gives online webinars which you can join for nominal fees. He calls the modality, The Healing Codes and you can purchase his book online. You can also go to his website to learn more. Find his method and books by googling Dr. Alex Loyd and The Healing Codes


I keep on experiencing healing modalities which resonate for me. In several blogs I discussed the value of Ho’oponopono which also has profound effects.  But, ever wanting to clean the slate of my subconscious programming, I seek out people and experiences for self-improvement.  This probably has to do with the fact that as I get older, I want to contribute more, to be more in service at ever higher levels and in order to do that, I feel it imperative to ‘clean up my act. ‘

I’ve also quoted cellular biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton in previous blogs as his research runs parallel with that of Dr. Loyd.  Dr. Lipton’s work shows that over 90% of what affects our thoughts, feelings and actions can be attributed to unconscious memories stored in our bodies. Southwestern Medical School calls them cellular memories and these memories contain wrong beliefs about ourselves, others, life and God. To complicate matters, these wrong beliefs create physiological stress and when stress is compounded and not able to be released, something physical is often the first thing to give. Therefore,  health problems often are the result.

Dr. Lipton states in his book, The Biology of Belief, that you can heal the wrong beliefs including genetic illness.  To give an example, if you believe that you are not worthy of love, and I would suggest that viewpoint is pervasive in our society in the victim/victimizer scenarios being played out on the world stage, then you are believing a lie and the truth of who you really are.

Back to the Healing Codes. Upon realizing that in spite of our science and technology, modern science has not been able to find the core solutions to our health problems.  We  have to look somewhere else besides allopathic medicine. Take the shocking statistics that 1 out of 3 people will contract some form of cancer and the explosion of heart problems and diabetes at younger ages. Okay, there are obvious environmental issues involved such as our food, air, and water supplies being contaminated.  Thankfully, many people are waking up to the fact that we are looking in all the wrong places for cures. Enter a modality like The Healing Codes which “ do not work directly on any physical problem but rather focus exclusively on the destructive memory pictures in the heart-even when a person is not aware of these pictures-to heal the underlying spiritual issues.”

By using the codes, Dr. Loyd tells us that your own immune system will be able to heal us as it is intended to do, while our physiological stress level decreases. He makes the statement based on the extensive results reported to him and his crew by those who have put the Healing Codes to work for them. I am one of those people. The Healing Codes has made a bold leap into the realm of spiritual energy healing.

Just to give you a brief overview of how the Healing Codes are applied, you would need to know that healing energy is directed through the fingers of your  hands at four healing centers around the body –around the head and neck region. “These healing centers appear to work like a hidden fuse box that, when the correct switches are flipped on, will allow healing of almost anything. They do this by removing stress in the body that had switched them off, thus allowing the neuro-immune system to resume its job of healing whatever is wrong in the body.” The system uses 12 pairs of codes and each pair addresses one of the 12 categories of core spiritual issues that affect everyone’s lives. You use the codes repeatedly until your issue is healed.

So, I’ve given you the information you would need to follow through should it resonate for you.

A Jesuit Maxim

There is a Jesuit maxim that states, “Give me a child for his first seven years and I’ll give you the man.”

It seems the Jesuits were keenly aware that a child was very malleable until the age of 7. It is unsettling to think that young people could be so easily manipulated particularly when a theta trance state is induced. I’m not suggesting there was evil intent by the Jesuits,  but rather a hypnotic state was accelerated through multiple ways such as voice tone, music, and repetition of phrases.  Therefore, the Jesuits were able to ‘slide in’ church dogma into the young, subconscious mind. Once it was programmed, the info would inevitably influence 95% of that child’s behavior for the rest of his or her life whether negative or positive.

Many of us, except the few who miraculously escaped some heavy duty negative programming, had beliefs of parents/ guardians/ relatives/religious leaders downloaded into our subconscious minds when we were children. I’m not accusing your family of poisoning your mind, of course. They probably did the best they could with the beliefs, and programming they inherited through generations. Again, per the Jesuit Order, a child’s perceptions of the world is directly downloaded into the subconscious during the first 6-7 years of life.

A child’s mind has no filters of the analytical self-conscious mind because it is not fully operational during these formative years. Thus, perceptions about life are learned without having the ability to choose or reflect on those beliefs.   “Since, as said,  the subconscious mind controls about 95% of our behavior this raises serious questions about our mental health and what/how we are acting out or repressing,

There are many resources to help you with negative beliefs that you are acting on without conscious knowledge. Some of them I’ve mentioned in previous blogs. There is no one resource that works for everyone but I am going to suggest one that was highly recommended by author, behavioral scientist, and well-known human potential speaker, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.  In his book, “The Biology of Belief,” which has been a New York Times best seller, he suggests a very potent energy psychology technique called PSYCH-K.  He claims he has been using it for years and attributes his great success to it. He claims it can change long-standing limiting beliefs in minutes. The technique uses the mind-body interface of muscle-testing (Kineseology) to access self-limiting beliefs and those self-sabotaging files we have unknowingly down-loaded. It also makes use of left-brain, right-brain integration to effect swift and long lasting change leading to a balanced brain wave pattern.

The website address should you be interested is www.PSYCH-K.com

Here is an affirmation I do from time to time and if it comes from the heart, I do believe is very powerful. You can find that affirmation and many more high frequency thoughts/affirmations in Joe Vitale’s book entitled, At Zero. See previous blog.  He tells how/why to use the ancient Hawaiian technique for clearing subconscious programming called Ho’oponopono.

“I ask for forgiveness of any wrong doing consciously or unconsciously from the past to the present in myself and my ancestors; to them and their predecessors, all the way back to the beginning of time and micro-biotic life.”

I wish you joy and peace in the New Year.

Zero Limits!

I was recently reading a book that I highly recommend and may be considered controversial in some circles. It’s entitled, Zero Limits. This extraordinary self-help book enters into new paradigms of dealing with the subconscious programming we all fall prey to. The book was written by human potential speaker, coach, Joe Vitale who often quotes his mentor, Dr. Hew Len. Dr. Len comes from a lineage of Hawaiian shamans and is a very wise man!

Here’s an amusing quote from Dr. Len.  “Have you ever noticed that when there’s a problem, you are there?”

The philosophy behind this galvanizing statement is that whenever you confront a ‘wrinkle’ in your life, you are participating in the creation of that problem and the participation is an internal event.

In other words, no blame game on external forces you feel contributed to your problem such as, “Oh no, someone hit my car in the parking lot and evacuated the scene, or Oh, no, I just got laid off from my job due to the weak economy, or Oh no, the plumbing system backed up and flooded my house. I have such bad luck!”

The whole idea is that when you take care of the problem from the inside (whatever belief systems and negative programs you are running), what you perceive on the outside will disappear. It will morph, change and disappear.

You may be asking, how can a huge dent on the side of my car disappear or the fact that I can’t pay my mortgage because I got laid off disappear, or the noxious fumes and ruined rug created during a backed- up sewer system disappear?  Obviously, the external predicament can’t.  But, what can is the perception of the emotionally destabilizing event through the power of going inside and by doing a very simple form of meditation/affirmation that is suggested in the above mentioned book, or online at www.zerolimits.info.

The technique is very results oriented and is called Ho’oponopono.  I’ve mentioned it in previous blogs and will reiterate that this ‘stuff’ is very powerful because it eradicates our negative core beliefs and false programming and gives us a clear space to create a different reality.  We raise ourselves from the ashes of uncertainty and fear by dissolving a problem(s) from within.  It’s not about changing anything in your outer reality although that can certainly be a by-product.

As the author suggests,” when anything looks like a problem out there, Ho’oponopono is what you want to take out  of your magic bag and run to the rescue with it.”  Check out the website and book as you may be very excited to find out how life-altering this information is. Questions/Comments, I’ll take them.

I Feel Your Pain


The day after the election, I had a date with some women to have dinner and see a play following the meal. I didn’t know these ladies as I had recently joined a theatre meet-up group. All I can say is, it was a pretty glum bunch. The election results had apparently shocked and saddened every one of them, and they restlessly played with their food and practically cried in their wine glasses. This was not a beer crowd. They were in despair for their future and those of their loved ones under the leadership of future President, Donald Trump.

Was this a time to be brave and courageous and calmly tell them that I had voted for Trump, I pondered.   Not if I was to remain intact.  They could take out their pitchforks and run me out of town.  Obviously, my core resonance was not harmonizing with this group of individuals wallowing in self-pity, anger and denial.  I decided to break free of the oppressive atmosphere and tell a couple of jokes; raise the frequency so to speak.  I bombed big time.

There’s always a lesson to be learned from any situation and after contemplating what in myself drew me to the people in this meet-up group who thought Hilary would be their savior, I was reminded that of course, there are no saviors.  Certainly, Donald Trump is not one. He has a few obvious faults but bless him as he negotiated his difficult service contract of  shining a spotlight on all the corruption seething under the surface within our govt., giant corporations, and even The Fed!   The list is much longer than that but I don’t want to belabor the point.

 Knowing what’s going on behind the scenes can mobilize us into action.  And, I believe Mr. Trump is a great mobilizer. Under his watch, I’m sure we’ll be viewing some disturbing dramas, but the bottom line is we can’t be overwhelmed by emotions which tend to polarize people and feed into the victim/victimizer blame game.

We are in the process of taking apart the control system that has kept many people clueless, disadvantaged, and hopeless. We are watching the shake-out of some very unsavory individuals and organizations that have not had our best interests at heart.

This is a time to be emotionally stable and self-aware for the good of all.  Each of us is part of the bigger picture; the collective consciousness if you will.  We can feed fear and separation or we can work together to create a better, more humane and responsible society. We can have a world where peace reigns, and that is hard for most of us to conjure up, or we can have more of the same controls foisted upon us with hatred, fear and bigotry ultimately taking us down. This is certainly a turning point and we are all at choice.

Have a Heart


During this presidential campaign that is undeniably entertaining, poignant, and grotesque at the same time, I started to mull over the idea of organ transplants; specifically, those of the heart.  Supporting evidence is that an individual ‘broadcasts’ his/her identity because it exists in the environment whether the body is here or not.  Meaning, the individual can, on some level, be present in the world. This info is a new paradigm concerning the power of consciousness.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, who I’ve quoted before, is one such scientist whose thought provoking book, ‘The Biology of Belief’ writes, “Identity is a complex signature contained within the vast information that collectively comprises the environment.   When the physical body dies, the broadcast or energetic imprint is still present.”  He’s not talking about your dead great grandfather with the sonorous voice whispering his criticism in your ear!

But rather he tells us  that the cellular memory of the organs of the recipient of a donor heart, etc. can behaviorally and psychologically change! They can be overridden in some way by the donor’s organs. That is a profound piece of information and many of us have heard stories along that line.

Take for example the person who has been extremely ‘careful’ with his money throughout his life, a scrooge type individual who then against his nature starts donating his fortune to charities after his heart transplant.  He then  finds out the donor was a philanthropist. How about the woman, (Claire Sylvia) who began to have a sudden taste for beer, chicken nuggets and fast motorcycles after her heart-lung transplant.  After speaking with the donor’s family, she found she was the recipient of an 18 year-old motorcycle enthusiast who loved chicken nuggets and beer.

There are so many transformational experiences documented that if you’re interested, you could check out a book entitled, ‘The Heart’s Code: Tapping the Wisdom and Power of Our Heart Energy’ (Pearsall, 1998).

Dr. Lipton goes on to tell us in ‘The Biology of Belief’ about a young girl having nightmares of being murdered after her heart transplant. “Her dreams were so vivid that they led to the capture of the murderer who killed her donor.” The theory behind these radical changes ‘of heart’ is that these new behaviors become embedded into the transplant recipient through a process of  cellular’ memory. This is the idea that somehow memories are maintained  in the cells and can be passed on. This is not entirely new information and you can also read more along those lines in a epic book by Dr. Candace Pert entitled, “Molecules of Emotion.’

Perhaps some of our politicians/banksters/media people could use a heart transplant from say someone like Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Jr. or John F. Kennedy.  Certainly, the transplantees could be receiving better information about how to navigate the world for the benefit of all, not just the entitled few.

Last message. Vote with your heart and decide which of the candidates is more heart centered. As we all suspect, the election will radically change the course of our lives. There is much at stake. Please share this if you resonate with the info and certainly comment if you wish.

Skewed Information

As the second presidential debate is about to unfold tonight and by the time you read this, it will most likely be over, it’s given me pause to think about the tricky times we live in. All is not as it seems. I am a bit squeamish about watching the debate because there’s obviously going to be some dirty fighting and the idea of humanity, truthfulness and compassion among the candidates will be tossed to the wind; each defending their points, each victimizing and abusing the other so that both look bad. All rather cringe-worthy but in some circles probably viewed as a rough and entertaining sport.  Undoubtedly, the candidates are going for each other’s jugular and the audience, as in a roman gladiator arena, will decide who lives and who dies metaphorically speaking of course.

As far as I’m concerned, we are all in a nebulous state in that so much information has been suppressed by what I, and a number of others, deem the controlled media. I’ve seen polls on what percentage of people have entirely lost trust in receiving accurate news, and it’s a big number.  It’s challenging to make a decision based on skewed information particularly now that so much is on the line with the presidential election and the race between two candidates that are flawed in their own way.  I believe it’s imperative that we vote with our ‘gut’ feelings and check out alternate news sites where you are more likely to get a better picture of what is going on.  Should you want some links, please comment on my blog.

We are walking across a bridge now and to successfully do this we still must go through a transition of discarding the emotional debris humanity has collected for eons of time. There are still aspects of 3rd density survival instincts, victim/victimizer role playing, ego games and thus dis-ease of mind, body spirit. We are in the process of leaving 3rd density and shedding our old ways. This is called the ascension process when we are attempting to move ourselves up frequency wise and attract better circumstances into our lives as well as becoming more conscious of the interconnection of all things.  But, we are still clinging on to some of our old habits which weigh us down.

At this juncture, I would say to attain a state of closure and move into the alignment of helping yourself along to higher states of consciousness, peace, and grace that we beware of the reactionary and that we allow ourselves to come into a neutral state without the emotional charge engendered by the deliberate use of fear, false rhetoric and histrionics; all of which we’ll be seeing at the debates.

Don’t Play That Program

Take the word habituation. The root word is habit. Obviously, some habits are positive and others get us into trouble or make our lives miserable. The definition of habitation is doing something in the same way over and over again.  As I said, sometimes it works for us like learning the times table in 3rd grade. The constant repetition helped us cement those tables in our mind and I think to this day, most of us will never forget the multiplication number sequences.

We all have behaviors that become repetitive, habit forming, habitual and if they become a deficit like thinking the worst in any given situation, or becoming wildly impatient on a supermarket line well, it’s time to rethink things and make life easier.  It’s time to get rid of those behaviors that are not supporting us. It’s time to create a new pattern through a form of repetition..


Here’s the key that goes into the lock.  When you observe a behavior that’s not supporting you, that’s the moment of freedom. If you see that you’re running a sabotaging program, you can say stop!  Don’t play this program, play something else. Every time that negative program shows up and you say to yourself, wait, stop, I have to cancel that, you’re creating a repetition of a new pattern. The more times you do it, the more the new pattern gets established.  The more the new pattern gets established, it overrides the old negative thoughts/beliefs and cancels out the negative program. The subconscious then stops the negative pattern from running. Habituation is what this is called according to neuro-biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton in his highly acclaimed best selling book, The Biology of Belief.  “Habituation is a fundamental way of re-wiring the consequences of a negative program.”

It’s All in the Mind


I inadvertently singed the tips of my fingers today and I won’t bother telling you the whole ridiculous story but it got me thinking that when we emerge onto this planet, our mind has one job and that is to make sure we live a long and healthy life, free of pain.  We eat something that makes us very ill and assuredly, we won’t experience that food again; at least not without some trepidation. We touch a burner as I did and have our fingers blister within seconds and most of us will be extremely careful the next time.

Our mind is wired to find out what causes us pain and make sure we avoid it all cost. This is why when we over-do it on the buttered popcorn and vomit, we’ll probably avoid eating it that way again.

When you give your mind instructions to never eat popcorn in the same way and you have a visual of yourself vomiting which you inevitably will, your mind’s number one job is to see that you don’t drizzle too much butter.  Taking it to another level, consider what you’re thinking when you’re driving in heavy traffic and you’re saying to yourself, this commute is killing me. Or, this traffic is a nightmare. Or, my partner is strangling me by being so overprotective. Bottom line, the only way your mind can move you away from pain is by working out what pain is as your mind must listen to your language. Your mind listens because the words you use and the pictures you make in your head have a huge impact.  It you say this commute is killing me, your mind wants to move away from the pain and in order to do this, it figures out a way to get you away from it. That might be, getting you sick so you can vegetate in bed for a week and not have to face the horrific commute which is ‘killing you.’  Or, the relationship that is strangling you.  Or, how about the person who you think is a royal pain in the ass or in the neck. Is it possible that you will have those physical manifestations sooner or later? Certainly, it’s possible if we are constantly repeating negative words with their corresponding images.