Is it Irrational to Think Happiness is too Elusive to Attain?

Happiness is the elixir of life and it’s a quest we all go on–to find ultimate happiness. The idea of happiness seems to consume us and I think it is fair to say that finding it gives us a total sense of well being. When you feel happy, sadness or despair can’t enter the picture. A metaphor would be that darkness and light cannot exist at the same time. But, how can you enter into the state of happiness when your life seems to be caving in around you?  If you’ve had enough of feeling unhappy or depressed, there’s a simple technique I’ve learned and which I’d like to share. Don’t underestimate the power of the statement because it seems so simple. Rather, apply it whenever you feel anger, resentment, unhappiness. The statement is, ‘I choose to be happy now.’ Say it to yourself or out loud and feel the power of the statement. This is all you need to do to turn the feeling/emotion around in an instant. 

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