Take A Five Minute Pause to Create

You know intuitively what feeds your spirit. Now, you need to work on what you want to create. With a little discipline this can be done. Never mind how busy your life is. You can always find 5 minutes a couple of times a day to do this simple exercise. Name what you want and MAKE IT CLEAR. WRITE IT DOWN. Now, close your eyes and place your awareness in your heart. Let you attention drift from your head to your heart and experience your most authentic desire. Sit with the vibration and feel it. As you feel it, get excited. You are on your way to manifesting your heart’s desire.


2 thoughts on “Take A Five Minute Pause to Create

  1. I think the hardest part is getting clear. If you’re not clear enough, then either nothing shows up, or the wrong thing comes into your life. If you’re too precise, then it doesn’t give the Universe a chance to give you something better.


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