Manifestation Template

When you think a thought, you create a manifestation template whether you intended to or not. Our conscious mind can be overridden by our subconscious which is part of  our emotional body.This part of our consciousness represses or ignores certain aspects of ourselves because we want to maintain a sense of ‘rightness.’  We want to be able to live with ourselves!  Because everything is energy, I would like you to consider that this hidden portion of ourselves has a slower oscillation (expansion of energy) rate; a more constricted consciousness and therefore a lower frequency.  You’re not likely to manifest what you want with a slower oscillation rate. A suggestion would be to try not to resist this hidden part of yourself.  In denying this influence, you are operating out of fear.  

Think  about times you were in a state of anger, fear and powerlessness. Address it directly by acknowledging it was there and don’t succumb to to its power. We can therefore learn to modulate our consciousness and vibration and manifest what we desire.



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