Is it Groundhog Day……or Not?

Do you want to relive your bad experiences on a daily basis?  Do you want to live each day bound by self-imposed limitations, and go ’round and ’round like a gerbil on a wheel?

Replaying the same type of dramas is a real drag, not to mention an energy drain.  You may just be living your life as in the movie, Groundhog Day.  Are you willing to make a change, and can you construct your life differently by being creative, imaginative, and yes, enlightened?

In order to do this, you need to know that every second in your life is a rebirth, a time when you can re-create yourself.  Be aware of your negative thoughts and patterns of behavior.  Here’s a trick I’ve used to help stop negative thinking.  It only hurts a little.  Put a thick rubber band on your wrist and snap it a few times when you are aware of a negative thought.  Do it until it stings.  After that, replace the thought with something joyful.  Go on, you can find something pleasant to think about for 10 seconds.  I’ll bet you can eliminate those negative thoughts pretty quickly!  So, snap to it, and change the way your day shapes up.

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