One Too Many Coincidences?

Isn’t it interesting we are constantly getting clues to important questions we need an answer to, but we are often not picking up on those clues?  Your higher self, or the guides you may work with, are literally illuminating the way for you.  I know in my case, they use a lot of restraint by not clobbering me with a two by four and saying, “get it, thick head!”

First order of business, is that you must be ready to see the clues, such as synchronicities, hearing something repeated a few times from friends or strangers, or hearing a word or phrase that has just flashed through your mind.

I get messages on license plates.  I know – it’s a whimsical way of receiving information, but it seems to work sometimes.  I’m always shocked when a van goes by imprinted with the message meant for me along its side, or the license plate of an individual driving in front of me, gives me the word I need to expand on.  You’ve got to laugh when that happens.  Life can be magic, can’t it?


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