Deep in Your Brain…..

In my previous blog, I mentioned the deep limbic system of the brain and the research done by neuro-scientist, Dr. Daniel Amen.  He explains how the five parts of the brain work in a series of CD’s entitled Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.  I particularly wanted to emphasize the importance of the deep limbic system regarding the area that controls emotions and how we see the world.

Following up on that information, I would like to add that when you experience a particular event that causes you anxiety or emotional pain – let’s say for example, some type of betrayal – your brain releases chemicals similar to those released at an earlier time when there was another event you perceived as a betrayal issue.

Remembering the event will therefore bring back a similar mood and feeling – even if you were six years old at the time and your friend lied to you, and now you are currently 35 and your boss passes you up for a well-deserved promotion.  From the age of six or even before, you have a negative chemical imprint or negative charge stored in your brain and it has a cascade effect on the a way you view life which is often not to your advantage.

One of the ways to counteract this ‘toxic’ imprint is to make a list of 10 of your happiest memories by using all your senses to bring the experiences into your reality.  Positive memories encourage positive behavior and a more optimistic way of working through perceived obstacles.  They help extinguish negative thoughts and beliefs.  If you have any thoughts on this or feedback, don’t hesitate to comment.


One thought on “Deep in Your Brain…..

  1. I recently read something about this. This must be why I can’t watch horror movies. I saw Jaws when I was about 7 years old. I still swim in the ocean, but I’m not “fearless” about it. I get scared watching those types of movies, and even seeing previews on a DVD or in a theater, and I get all anxious. Need to focus on creating those physical responses to the good stuff!


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