Can You Admit to Envy?

As I sit here on the patio looking at the mist coming off the North Carolina blue ridge mountains, and  going into my zone-out state, as I do when helping my sister wash her clients’ dogs in an oversized tub,  I was thinking of how it is some people seem able to  manifest more than others.  Obviously, we don’t know other people’s consciousness, but there is a form of envy that sometimes gets triggered, which is something I need to personally take responsibility for in my own life.   What ignited this feeling  was a woman in my yoga class.  I noticed how lovely and graceful she was, and her very expensive looking  watch and large diamond stud earrings.  After class she jumped into a spanking new jaguar, and my immediate thought was, who’s keeping her?   A bit of judgment and envy in the mix there, and I stopped myself from thinking along those lines.  I indulged myself for a moment or two, with thoughts of why I don’t have those goodies.

Why don’t I have them?  Well, how about taking responsibility for my own thoughts, and creating and manifesting my life as I wish it.  Because I am blogging about this subject, I am aware I needed to wish this woman well in my mind, and congratulate her for her personal creations.  Job well done!  I needed to energetically support her success.  That felt right.  And, I immediately went into gratitude for all the good “stuff” I had in my life, and asked myself the question, what have I done to celebrate myself today?  I did come up with quite a few things which set the tempo for the rest of the day.  Try it – it works!


One thought on “Can You Admit to Envy?

  1. When I see stuff like that, I don’t feel envy. I feel sense of awe. Like, “Wow. What a nice car! I wonder what her husband does for a living? Does he love tons and tons and that’s why he bought her that ring? Or did she demand it?” I guess I tend to think more about the backstory. Must be the fiction writer in me 🙂


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