You Is Important

The character, Abileen, in the movie, The Help kept repeating this mantra to her young charge. “You is kind, you is good, you is important.” I recently saw those words on some old plywood planks in a vintage store in North Carolina. It gave me pause because it made me consider it’s so important to keep reminding ourselves daily of our own value. Too many of us never had our worth validated by family members and friends. It has to start with us.
Someone told me about a technique he used to re-program his subconscious because he explained, “if anyone was feeling unloved and taken for granted, it was me.” He looked in the mirror every day for 40 days and repeated some personal affirmations beginning with the high frequency words, I am. His claim is an avenue of abundance opened up which, “blew me away.” So folks, remember you is important.


2 thoughts on “You Is Important

  1. My eyes teared up when she said that to the little girl for the last time, because that was probably the only time that girl would hear those words! Yes, in the daily happenings of life, it is easy to forget that we are important.


  2. I am truly finding all your posts are bringing much clarity, they aid concentration towards the purpose and direction of thoughts and the words we use to express them. Thank you Laurie.


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