Emotional Scar Tissue

It usually takes quite a long time for scar tissue to fade on your body, if ever.  But, think of the scar tissue your mind acquires through your endless history of negative emotional experiences.  I imagine it would be really unpleasant to see, if it were possible.

So, what do we do to expunge these unsightly scars?  You need to distance yourself from the past, by allowing your intuition to guide you in the moment.  Evaluate the energy encryption (a term I have used in previous blogs) of the person or situation.  Treat each opportunity as a potential new beginning, and leave your emotional baggage at the door.


2 thoughts on “Emotional Scar Tissue

  1. And the difficulty is not remembering/relying on past experiences when we enter into a new one. One romantic relationship ends, and when the next one begins, don’t we think that we’ll watch out for this behavior or that one? Or can we remember the lesson and just step into each new relationship and somehow NOT attach past experiences to it?


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