Love is in the Air?

I was considering the word “love” and its significance.  In my opinion it’s a word that’s thrown around very carelessly.  It is too general – for example, the woman who says, “I love my dog”, or someone who says, “I love French Creole cooking”, or “I love my job”.  People can “love” their pets, inanimate objects or activities – that’s the easy part.  But, when it comes to loving another person without strings attached, well that’s where I think it gets convoluted and uncomfortable.

Yes, a mother can “love” her child, which is quite instinctual.  It’s close to “love” because it serves to create deep bonds of trust and it’s a good beginning.  But is it directed toward spiritual growth?  If you’re dependent upon another person for your nourishment, and hoping to be satisfied (mind, body and spirit) by this individual, and thinking this will fill your “love quotient”, then it’s my opinion that you are incorrectly applying the word “love” to this relationship.  It seems people who have this type of dependency and incorrectly apply the word “love” to the individual, are in denial of their own spiritual evolution.

To truly understand  “love”, means to “love” yourself first and foremost – not an easy task for most of us, as we  haven’t come to terms with how really great we are.  Nurturing ourselves to allow true spiritual growth should be our first priority.


2 thoughts on “Love is in the Air?

  1. Yep, so many ways to think of “love”. On a spiritual level, wouldn’t one think of it as an absence of fear? Or “negative” emotions/low vibrations? I wonder, is it really possible to “love” another human being unconditionally-no matter what they do/say that we always have a particular emotion towards them? Or is unconditional love something else entirely?


  2. How true this is. There is in a tendency for parents to feel that a child when it grows up, has a responsibility for their welfare. Also many children when they are grown up, think that their parents still owe them.

    Well that clearly illustrates the lack of spiritual love. When we understand we are responsible for ourselves and for loving ourselves, then there will be no expectations and love is freely given, without the emotional pressure implied.

    Thank you Laurie


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