The Paradoxical Concept of Grace

We often hear the expression, he is in a state of grace. What comes to mind for me are monks in devout prayer having an out of body experience. But of course that’s just my sense of the experience of grace and having never attained it, I’ll admit I’m just floundering around. The whole concept of grace is fraught with contradictions. Asking several people what they understood about a state of grace, I got several answers. One was that grace emanates down from God to man and therefore you have to earn it. ” Okay,” I responded, “you mean if you are really virtuous and totally responsible in all your relationships that God will look upon you kindly and make sure you are protected and rewarded in a spiritual sense.” “Yep,” was the answer. Or, as another friend opined, grace is inherent within the human being as God consciousness which I was then told is called the Doctrine of Immanence. Whatever you definition of grace, my intention for all of us is that we walk in it one way or another.


3 thoughts on “The Paradoxical Concept of Grace

  1. I would agree with the second comment, for me it is an appreciation of all the gifts I have and acknowledging that and no matter what, all is well. To be appreciative in my behaviour towards others always.


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