Universal Intelligence and YOUR Part in It

Quantum physics proves that everything in the universe is made up of sub-atomic particles, and that would include your physical body, a car, or a plant, to use some examples.  The only difference is the way these sub-atomic particles are grouped into building blocks.

The particles are energy packets called quanta, and can arrange themselves into any shape.  Spirit and mind shape the energy into physical form.  Energy rearranges itself to appear solid.  But something interesting, and very relevant to manifestation, is that quantum particles are powered by intelligence, and this intelligence is actually the universal creative mind.

That said, what I’m getting at, is that these particles are under your control, and therefore you are the creator of everything around you.  Nothing you observe can exist without your observation.

What if you focus with certainty and consistency, on that which you desire?  Then, consider that these packets of energy or quanta would materialize into whatever it is you desire.

As suggested by me in previous blogs, and certainly by a host of people who deal in quantum physics and the law of attraction / manifestation; what you focus on becomes your reality.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.


3 thoughts on “Universal Intelligence and YOUR Part in It

  1. To that end I am making a concerted effort to ‘see clearly’ where I will be going when I leave this Earth. A place of beauty and joy.Where I have ‘booked’ a place to study.


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