Your Internal GPS System

I spoke of energy or “quanta” in the last blog, and how this quanta (packets of energy) can be arranged or manipulated to manifest what you want.  Everything you need to manifest something positive in your life is contained within you.  You just need to use your intuition, better known as your internal guidance system or GPS.  This internal system knows exactly what you need.  All you have to do is feel what is the best path for yourself.

Slow up your thinking and your breathing, to get more clarity.  This also means removing negative thoughts, or what you don’t want to create into your life, and instantly regrouping.  When you are thinking something negative, and recognize it as such,  immediately stop the thought and change it to something positive, which raises your frequency.  Dwell on the positive thought or experience, and keep focusing on it for 15 seconds.  That’s all it takes to make quantum leaps in your life.  Negative thought = shift to positive thought for 15 seconds.  I don’t care where you are, in the car, at a social event, grocery shopping, suffering through the whims of a whining partner, or out on a bad date.  Get into this habit and start re-programming your thoughts!

We should consider teaching this strategy to children.  The world would be very different if kids understood how to re-program themselves!  When we can acknowledge that our thoughts are coming from us, we can change any situation or circumstance.


One thought on “Your Internal GPS System

  1. Thoughts will arise-some positive, some not. You’re right in that when we catch a negative one, switching to something positive, or at least neutral, aids in manifesting and just feeling happy.


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