Going Deeper

I’ve discussed the idea, presented in the study of quantum physics, that what you desire already exists as a probability wave.  You cause that probability wave to become a reality in the form of a definite object, an event, or a point in space and time.

Something else to ponder is the idea of time.  Our perception based on linear time, makes it look like we don’t have our desires fulfilled as yet, and we are separate from them.  But, the truth (according to new paradigms in physics), suggest we already have our desires at the quantum level, as an unformed probability, and all we need do is focus our attention on it.

Can you take 10 minutes twice a day, and make your dreams come true through focus, intention, and feeling?  By the latter, I mean the emotion behind the desire, for that is also a key.  Are we too busy to not only create our own personal desires, but also spread some joy / peace by creating visions of a better world?  Time is ticking.  Linear time I mean!


One thought on “Going Deeper

  1. Time is a tricky thing. Like you, my new-found freedom has me playing with time. How different it is to not have my days run by bells!! Still adjusting, I think. Meditation in the morning and gratitude in the evening-getting in my visualization!


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