Spreading the Word…….

Well, this is a red-letter day!  I’ve manifested my fiction book and it’s now on Kindle.  This has been quite a journey for me, as it’s the first fiction book I’ve written, and it’s been a labor of love.  I really wanted to be of service to youngsters who have been born with special talents due to activated strands of DNA.  These kids are called Indigos, and the first wave of these highly conscious beings was incarnated in this dimensional reality starting around 100 years ago.  The younger indigo children are especially talented, and therefore this book is a “call to action” for youngsters who will resonate with the information within.

The book is entertaining in that, apart from the child narrator, I have introduced his mentor, TeTe from the sixth  dimension, who explains some laws of quantum physics, and teaches Jackson Elderberry Monroe how to use and develop his talents.

I think I’m creating a new genre, as it’s part sci-fi, part fantasy adventure, and part self help.  It is the first book  of a trilogy in which I’ll introduce quantum physics and manifestation principles to kids.  I hope you’ll check Travels to the Sixth Dimension: A Journey Through Hyper-Space on Amazon Kindle.  I will also introduce soft cover editions in the near future.



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