Calling all Writers of Excellent Books!

Are you in need of a marketing leg-up?  I just returned from a three day ePublishing workshop in Tampa, FL, given by some really savvy guys.  They have skyrocketed their business in just four years, and offer workshops to help neophyte and already published authors understand how to market their books online, and create a brand name.

Not only was the conference fascinating and educational, but we learned some important and viable strategies to gain recognition through marketing,  distribution, and branding.  The “big bucks” are made by understanding how to brand.  However, if you are lucky enough to come out of obscurity, and be catapulted to overnight success by hitting just the right repressed, or maybe overt, desires of the public, you could have the good fortune the author of The 50 Shades of Grey trilogy enjoys.  With sales of  $250,000 a day, off Amazon, the authoress is  no doubt laughing all the way to the bank, or maybe whipping herself into a frenzy of  creativity, as she thinks of products (smart marketing) to align with the books.

Yes, many of us wish we could have thought of that idea, but hey, there are plenty of other creative outlets for us to explore.  All it takes is imagination, focus and timing.

Should you be an aspiring writer or an accomplished one, check out my new fiction book on Amazon, Travels to the Sixth Dimension:  A Journey Through Hyper-Space.  And, be sure to take a look at Ryan Deiss, and his “Number 1 Book Club”.


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