Post Thanksgiving Thoughts

Of all days,Thanksgiving is the day to think about how fortunate we are and to also give verbal gratitude for a plentiful meal and good company.  But consider this.  All words are characterized by sound frequencies and when you create words aloud you are shaping and manipulating energy into the basis for form. Words are a form of energy and energy is– by definition– a moving force directed into either form or further action..

When you speak in anger and fear or when people are fighting, you are surrounding yourself with destructive energy. Now, why did I bring this up and link it to Thanksgiving?  Because, when I left my superb dinner, I was floating metaphorically albeit having consumed so much food, that there was a pull and drag on my physical body. I experienced a great joy that enveloped me all the way home and even seeped into the next day or two. This happiness was set off by many kind words of appreciation for this Thanksgiving Day.  It was a positive frequency charger for sure.

Negative words and thoughts pull in exactly what you don’t want to experience

Appreciation and gratitude sets you up for riches beyond your imagination. This is a universal law.


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