Spread Cheer!!!

Okay……..it’s holiday season, and many of us tend to overeat.  But, instead of doing the mea culpa thing…….instead of feeling so guilty, and moaning about the amount of alcohol you’ve imbibed, or the rich deserts you couldn’t forego…….crush the negative thoughts, and take back control over your life!

So what if you gain a few pounds!   Have an intelligent perspective on your thoughts.  When a negative thought goes unchallenged, such as “I’m risking my health by eating so much, or I’m going to look terrible in my clothes because I’ve gained five pounds over this holiday”, your mind believes it, and your body reacts to it.  When you blame yourself, you become a passive victim of circumstances.

Have a joyous holiday.  We all deserve it.  Talk back to any negative thinking.  Spread Cheer!!!  – there’s not enough of it in the world.


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