Rewriting the Software of Your Mind

It’s not as difficult as the title suggests.  And, since everyone’s still in the process of making New Year’s resolutions, why not include one which will dramatically change the way your life unfolds?

How about putting a new program into the computer that is your brain?

To pull your desire to you, you must talk to that part of your mind, your unconscious that understands everything literally.  As an example, your unconscious doesn’t understand the future tense, so you have to communicate with it in the present.  If you say, I would like to make $10,000 per month, you might as well press the delete button.  However, if you talk to your subconscious this way, “I am making $10,000 per month”, it will understand and the program will be set.  That’s not all you do of course.

Additionally, you would see yourself in the situation of having the $10,000 per month, with the feeling of satisfaction and excitement which comes with making that much money.  That means being a bit disciplined and sitting down every day for at least 10 minutes, visualizing yourself with your desired goal, and living it in your mind.   Know that you have set the program, and have no doubt that it’s materializing.  Don’t sabotage the works by thinking it would be impossible to manifest the money, or whatever other goal you wish to attain.

Remember:   Whatever you focus your attention on, causes you to attract more of the same thing. 


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