Method Acting for Manifestation

An integral aspect of manifesting a positive experience or circumstance into your life can be the missing link.  That piece of the puzzle is the ability to actually feel the emotion you would experience as if you had attained your desired goal.  Some people have a hard time getting in touch with something as elusive as an emotion of joy, gratitude, or extreme happiness, and can’t seem to bring it up as actors do when they are applying a technique called Method Acting.  That is, actors are able to create the thoughts and emotions of their character, so as to give them life.

I’d like to offer you a helpful technique which can make you much more adept at bringing up the necessary emotion for manifestation purposes.

Here’s what you do:

*  Look at a photo of yourself when you were half your current age.

*  Then, write a letter to yourself from the perspective of your younger self to your current self.  Write all your concerns, whether they are about your career, a relationship, your health, or a family problem.

*  Next, write a return letter from your current self (perspective) in which you explain how all the things you were so worried about, resolved themselves, and you now have other issues to address.

*  If you keep it playful, you  can unite the emotions of earlier years with current emotions, which acts to integrate both of them.

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