The Secret Life of Plants and Vegetables

I’m sure most of us have heard about the secret life of plants — that they have emotions, that they enjoy classical music and abhor heavy metal, and that if you speak lovingly to them, they tend to grow faster.

I had a friend who did an experiment in which she placed both plants in sunlight, and explained to the plants that one of them was going to get a special symbol or Code underneath it and the other wasn’t.  She was trying to figure out if this symbol which she knew had a high frequency would aid the plant’s growth.  When she spoke to the plants, she received a telepathic message that both plants wanted the symbol.  The plant that wasn’t to get it, telepathed back that if it received the symbol, it would stop it’s growth in order to help fulfill the experiment.  She agreed, and that is exactly what happened.

Today, I got the opportunity to talk to kale plants as I volunteered to work on a farm where we cut kale for a food bank.  Thinking of my friend’s experiment, and knowing plants have emotions, I very quietly spoke to the plants before I struck them down by saying, ”Thank you for offering your nutritious leaves to humans.  We grow healthy from your enriched minerals.”  Call me bonkers, but I’m hoping I made the plants demise painless and purposeful!

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