Manifestation Method From the Future!

You can manifest what you need / want into your reality.  Here’s an interesting technique I discovered online at a website by  He asserts, and of course you must resonate with this before beginning, that for every act there is a counter-action.  “This is due to the nature of duality until you reach the higher planes of consciousness.”  He also admonishes us to do no harm in our manifestation and to protect ourselves from negative consequences.  Specifically he states,  “Your creations should do no harm to yourself or another.”

To seed new realities, the secret lies in the union of intention, consciousness and energy.  In this technique, you are encouraged to use one of your chakras and it is suggested that the majority of people use the solar plexus, behind the pit of the stomach.  However, if you are more comfortable using the heart or third eye (pineal) that’s okay too.

Put your awareness in your chakra of choice and imagine a sphere the size of the universe around the center (in this case the solar plexus).  As you imagine this sphere, understand there are an infinite number of points at the surface of the sphere and that you are activating the Sphere of All Possibilities.

Remember, your current reality is not all there is.  What you imagine becomes real.  By imagining a Sphere of Infinite Possibilities you create a crack in the egg of your perception and new possibilities and  realities can become possible.

You now imagine yourself in the future, living in the reality you have chosen.  If you are choosing to manifest an object or a situation, you imagine yourself in the future having this object or situation.  Let’s say you wanted to manifest the ability to sing well.  So okay, you imagine yourself possessing this quality or ability in the future.  Place yourself in front of a large audience with a 16 piece orchestra behind you. You’re only limited by your imagination.  Place this image about 10 to 30 feet in front of you.

Now, imagine a straight line running from your chosen chakra to the same chakra of your future self. As you hold this alignment to your future self, you are calling upon the Sphere of Infinite Possibilities to energize your intention though silent intent.  There isn’t a need to say anything out loud and there is no need for words.

“It is the movement of your personal will that causes cosmic forces to align with your intent.”

As you do this technique, many points of light along the surface of the sphere will emanate energies that align with your intention and there will be lines of force between these points of light on the surface of the sphere and your chosen chakra.  The increase of energy will then flow through the lines that you have created to your future self and will energize the new reality.  The future self then becomes a magnetic attractor.  Work with this each day to increase this attraction as you create new neurological networks in your brain that will allow you to manifest this new reality into your neurology.

And, oh yes, amplify all this by adding the element of appreciation to your manifesting action.


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