Enhancing Your State of Mind

Did you ever notice how your thoughts affect your body?  Your brain releases chemicals which make you feel bad, your muscles tighten and become tense, your heart beats faster and you probably sweat.  You may even become dizzy.  You know by now your body reacts to every thought you have.  I say this because I woke up with one of those tightly clenched backs which forced me to very slowly and painfully slide out of my bed.  There’s powerful evidence your thoughts matter, so I had to consider what was really bothering me, and how it had effected my body.  Getting to the heart of the matter is sometimes difficult because we may be in denial of painful thoughts and beliefs, but this is where the tough get going.  It just takes going inward for a short time to get to the heart of the matter.

Challenge the notions that go through your head, because thoughts send electrical signals through your brain and have significant influences on every cell in your body.  When your mind is burdened with many negative thoughts, it affects your deep limbic system in the brain (where emotions are stored), and triggers deep limbic problems like irritability, moodiness and depression.  If you want to find out more about the five segments of the brain and their various functions, google psychiatrist, and neuroscientist, Dr. Daniel Amen.

Teaching yourself to control and direct your thoughts is the most effective way to feel better.  I mentioned the flip switch in a previous blog.  This is a short process devised by Dr. Robert Anthony (google him if you’re interested in more helpful techniques), which proposes that you need to change a negative thought to a positive one as soon as you realize you are thinking self-defeating thoughts.  He explains how 15 seconds of a positive thought alters the neural pathways in the brain.  Let’s face it, we’re all beset by negative thoughts many times a day.  This is just a reminder to use this fantastic technique for immediate results.  We’re talking about the quality of your life. And, as an added inducement, express gratitude every day.  You can always find something to be grateful for!


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