Is Beauty Skin Deep?

I just finished reading several women’s fashion magazines and noticed the preponderance of ads and editorials geared to youthing. We are treated to information concerning the use of expensive and cutting edge products, or the more extreme means to an end, plastic surgery. Now, this is not the exclusive domain of women because there is also quite a desire among the male segment of the population to look and feel younger. Nothing is really wrong with that, unless you are a plastic surgery junkie, or your whole life revolves around looking a decade or two younger than you are.

I noticed some of the older celebrities, like Joan Rivers, who actually looks like she’s several decades younger. Each year, she looks like a totally new person, as her face is pulled like putty into different positions. One wonders if her vital organs are working that much harder to keep in step with the rest of her. The whole concept is a bit scary to me.

There are some people who actually wish to have their features sculpted into that of animals – youthful animals minus the whiskers. I’ve seen a few women who look more like jungle cats than humans, and this was by their own choice!

Okay, so where is this leading? Due to the fact that aging is something we have to deal with on a daily basis, and with the exception of those who wish to submit to the continual pulls and tucks to avoid the relentless pull of gravity, we should be considering how to share our accrued wisdom with younger generations.

Life gives us plenty of beauty to absorb – maybe not in our faces, but in experiences and knowledge, and we should be sharing it with others!


One thought on “Is Beauty Skin Deep?

  1. Speaking as one who is older i think there is grace in ageing and beauty is always there. I was watching a contestant on The voice yesterday, Her grandma who was obviously very ill and in a wheelchair with breathing aparatus had made the effort to come to see her grandchild.This woman was obviously adored by her grandchild and to me that is true beauty as it shone from both of them. A joy to behold.


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