Getting Valuable Information By Dousing with a Pendulum

I find myself worrying when shopping in a food store such as Whole Foods and still not knowing what I’m getting because of the grey area of genetically modified foods.  I tend to rely on the farmer’s markets where I can see labels of organic produce, or I can ask the farmers how the food was grown.  But, there are certainly those days when I make a run to Whole Foods for convenience sake.  Lately, I’ve been using my pendulum to ascertain whether a food I’m suspicious of, is actually genetically modified.  We know a good portion of potatoes, corn and soy are.  Even some beets are modified.  I just heard that all pineapples from Hawaii are GM.  But what about so many of the other products we depend on?

PendulumSome of you might be thinking, “a pendulum”?  That’s weird, and it probably looks strange to passers-by.  But, who cares, let them wonder.  I’m at least engaging in an exercise for my health.  So what does a pendulum do?  First of all, it harnesses the power of your subconscious mind.  It gives you the information on what your subconscious mind thinks is good for you.  You can use a pendulum to douse questions concerning foods, supplements – even the products you use in your home.

It’s one way of tapping in to your body’s truth.  Dousing with a pendulum may not be 100% accurate because your subconscious may be carrying a genetic memory of a time when you were extremely ill and a relative brought you cabbage soup, which seemed to cure you.  Therefore, now you’re an advocate of cabbage.  Remember, we have cellular memory and not only from this life.

What I’m suggesting is keep it simple.  Use a pendulum to find out what’s toxic to your body, ie. genetically modified food.  Ask the pendulum if your body needs a certain food on that particular day or if  the detergent you wish to buy contains chemicals which would be adverse to you.

Should you wish to know about how to use a pendulum, please comment on this site and I’ll be happy to give you a step by step description.


2 thoughts on “Getting Valuable Information By Dousing with a Pendulum

  1. Well, yes, I would like very much to know to douse while shopping. Or even if certain foods at home are good for me. I have a done a little bit of pendulum work, but usually for a yes/no question.


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