Where do You Begin to Create Miracles in Your Life?

I’m particularly interested in the idea that quantum physics states:  energy is consciousness and consciousness is energy.  So, what does that mean for those of us that are not physicists?  If consciousness is the thing which makes up all physical matter, then we certainly should have better control of our lives!  If consciousness creates matter, then changing consciousness will change matter.  While this principal is still not fully embraced by the mainstream scientific community, it is backed up by hard science and mathematics, and it’s not all “woo woo”.

Let’s take an example.  Because our bodies are made of matter, and are carbon-based with a few other elements thrown in, we often think changing something in the body, such as a tumor, requires manipulating it directly on the physical level with surgery or radiation.  Naturally, although this has proven to work, it is also possible to change matter by changing the underlying consciousness that creates this matter.  That would certainly be much less painful and expensive!

We all hear about healing miracles.  They occur by changing the consciousness which creates the matter in the human body.  I have heard cancer is a cry to be heard, on an emotional level – to be taken care of.  This may be true for some people, but it is not necessarily the root cause of cancer for others.  So there really is a rational scientific explanation for healing miracles.

As previously stated, I have used the metaphor explaining human consciousness is not unlike the software of a personal computer.  If you don’t like what the programs are doing, you need to reprogram the software, and install new software.  If you have excellent software on your computer, you will have great programs.  The computer “software” is our human consciousness, while our “hardware” is the world around us.  If you’re stuck in the reprogramming phase, try the simple technique I learned from Dr. Robert Anthony, called the Flip Switch (see previous blog).  Also, look up the work of Brent Phillips, and John Assaraf.  They are leaders in the field human consciousness and brain plasticity.

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