Dousing with a Pendulum

A few people have asked me about the use of a pendulum for dousing.  Recently, in a previous blog, I wrote about how I use a pendulum to ascertain whether a vitamin / mineral is appropriate for me, or whether unlabeled produce is organic.

A pendulum, as many of us know, is just another form of dousing.  Muscle testing is another one.  See photo of pendulum on my previous blog to understand that a pendulum is simply a weight suspended on some sort of string.  To use a pendulum, you simply hold it from your fingers and then say or think whatever it is you want to find out about.  Ask the pendulum what a “yes” looks like and what a “no” looks like so you can get accurate answers when you ask your questions.

For many people, if you hold a pendulum and then say something that resonates true with your subconscious, the pendulum will rotate clockwise.  Let’s say you’re a woman and make the statement, “I am a man,” while holding the pendulum, there’s a good chance it will rotate counter clockwise.  Whereas, the reverse is true.  Say, “I’m a woman” and most likely you’ll get a clockwise rotation.  Your pendulum could also answer questions by moving from north to south or east to west.  Sometimes, I draw intersecting lines on a piece of paper.  I indicate north / south and east / west on the paper and watch the pendulum swing in one of those directions.  It’s a visual enhancer. Another pointer, drink some water before dousing as the electrical energy more easily moves through your body when hydrated.  This is also true for muscle testing.

There are many types of pendulums available.  Some of them are made of different crystals, some metal or wood.  You can even use your key ring as an ad-hoc pendulum if you don’t have one with you.  You would need to practice a bit to become proficient and get consistently clear results.  As pendulums can be influenced by energy other than your own, it’s suggested you don’t allow other people to use your pendulum.  I keep my pendulum in a cloth container.

Dousing, when done correctly, can really enhance your psychic abilities because you begin to trust the subconscious and your connection to higher aspects of yourself.


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