Living a Congruent Life

The new paradigms in unified field physics tell us that our consciousness is non-local; meaning that our consciousness is not within the boundaries of space and time.  But, even if we accept this information, one wonders how this can be useful in our lives.  For one thing, understanding and accepting this knowledge can alleviate our fear of death.  It is said that most of our actions and thoughts revolve around our fear of death, even if it is an unconscious motivator.  Overcoming this fear of the unknown could bring us infinite joy, creativity, intuition and the gifts of the spirit.  But, how do we do this?

I have listened to many motivational speakers in the last decade including individuals like Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel and Wayne Dyer, to name some.  In their own inimitable way, they tell us when we shut off the reptilian brain (that’s the part of us that will do anything to survive, and involves the fight or flight response), and harness what’s called the cortical brain, for higher states consciousness, we eliminate our fears.  In order to do this, here are some suggestions:

Meditation – You don’t have to sit there for an hour or two, as most of us do not live like monks.  Rather, if we understand there are several types of meditation which are much easier to practice, we can help achieve this goal.  One form of meditation is called Royal Yoga which is a stillness meditation. You quiet the mind simply by being aware of the breath, and going beyond your thought processes.  You can also use a simple mantra, and repeat it if you’d prefer not to follow the breath.  In those moments of stillness you can tap into higher levels of consciousness or get answers to questions that have evaded you.  Probably only 15 minutes a day would make a big difference for most of us.  Another way to do meditation is just being aware of the sensations in your body. This form of meditation also takes you away from your constant mind chatter.

Mindful Awareness – is when you deliberately choose your experience in the moment, and this too, creates a gateway to higher levels of consciousness.  When we achieve higher levels of consciousness, there is less polarity in our lives.  When I speak of polarities, I mean the ideas of win / lose, either / or, me vs. you, us versus them.  And, on an emotional level, the polarity expresses as love / hate or mania / depression.  We’re seeing way too much of that type of polarity today, so let’s work together to change it.


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