Thoughts As Energy

The Law of Attraction is impersonal, meaning – it works when you want it to AND when you don’t want it to.  Although I’ve written about the Law of Attraction in previous blogs, I continue to share this information because, if used correctly, it can add great value to your life.

As said before, everything in your life is created by you.  Most people don’t like to hear this, and even get angry when this is mentioned, because most people are confronted by obstacles great and small, and can claim unfortunate situations in their lives, not to mention exalted ones.  But, people say, “I didn’t choose to get a disease or have a hurricane destroy my home!”  Here I’ll make some clarification. Naturally, you don’t deliberately attract negative experiences, but that doesn’t change the fact that at some level, you unconsciously invited, attracted, and created them through your thoughts and emotions, or the collective thoughts and emotions of others.

Now, here’s the rub.  Notice, you can attract unwanted circumstances through the  thoughts of others.  Be aware of this, and if it means cutting off friendships or groups of people who are negative or “downers”, check out of the scene quickly, and / or help the individual or group by explaining how things work.  You can change any situation or circumstance that is keeping you from having what you really desire.

We are creators, and this is invaluable information most religions neglect to share.  Whether we realize it or not, whatever we focus on, or put our intention on, is created out of the quantum field.  However, most of our creations are by default.  This is why most people believe their lives are out of control, and that things happen to them.  Also, most people don’t have the discipline to clarify EXACTLY what they want.  Therefore, the conscious mind can’t direct the subconscious mind clearly enough so there is no room for argument between the two.

The law of attraction operates with mathematical precision, as do all natural laws such as gravity and electricity.


One thought on “Thoughts As Energy

  1. So clearly expressed, being with or around negative thinkers is actually physically draining, as though energy is being syphoned out of you. Energy that is needed for creating the things we need in our lives. Thank you as always Laurie.



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