Assumptions and What to do About Them

Is life a psychological drama you create based on your assumptions?  Well, at least I think so. Here’s a question to ponder.  Would you rather be a slave to your assumptions, or the master of them?

I believe if we could take conscious control of our imagination, we could be in a perpetual state of peace, even with all the obstacles that we confront daily.  What I’m suggesting. is a technique that will help us to be more in a state of grace.

Here’s what you do.  You form a mental picture of the desired state of mind, the experience you wish to have or the problem you wish to solve.  Concentrate your attention on the feeling you want to imbue during the visual experience, as if you already have it and you are then simulating solid reality.  Your mind doesn’t know the difference between what is reality or imagined.

So, here it is in a nutshell.  You need to have control of your imagination, and a well sustained attention on your desires and goals. When you repeatedly focus on a situation or experience you’d like to have, or the mental / emotional state of mind you wish to experience, you are then identifying with that state of mind.  You are transforming yourself into that image.

I continue to write about this subject because it works!  Certainly, you can find many self help books to guide you through the process, should you want a more explicit explanation.  When I was doing research for my book, Attaining Prosperity and Abundance, I came across some very valuable information which I would like to share in every way I can.

Remember, it takes sustained attention, and some discipline – this is where people fall short.  You must keep at it until you reach your goal.  It could take anywhere from days to months!  It all depends on you.

So, no more excuses!  Create the life you may occasionally think about in your imagination.  You’ll get it if you believe.

You are limited only by your uncontrolled imagination and lack of attention.


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