Those Curvy Roads Ahead

So, I know we create every crazy situation for ourselves, and I do take responsibility for that.  I also know our primary responsibility is to create a center of peace through whatever situation we manifest.  Sometimes it doesn’t come easy.

As an example, I was driving down the mountain, along a very serpentine road, where my current home is perched on the outskirts of Asheville, NC.  Low and behold, I was confronted by a barrier preventing me from accessing the road leading to the city.  I had an appointment, and didn’t wish to be late.  So, stuck at the barrier, I decided to try backing up to take an alternate route. Not a good idea, as driving backwards on a very curvy road is not my forte.  As a matter of fact, I sometimes have trouble driving forwards on deeply steep roads.

So, I was wondering where my center was when I became imbedded in the damp foliage of the forest (where by the way, I had spotted a bear and her cubs in the very same place, the day before).  Now, what to do?  Breathe and call for help – not screaming pitiably of course, as I didn’t want to draw attention to myself – bears, you know.

I exited the car, creeping out of the underbrush, and walked a half mile to find two construction guys who were willing to help extract me from the mire.  The big, burly, good looking guys said, upon assessing the situation, “Hey, how about putting the car in reverse,” which I did. Within the wink of an eye, I was disentangled and able to drive forward.  As they smirked, I could hear them saying to themselves, women drivers!  That’s a judgment of course.

So, what’s the lesson here?  Is this incident a metaphor for what’s going on in my life? There will be barriers, and it’s sometimes necessary to travel in the opposite direction of what seems to be the correct path.  It’s sometimes necessary to take a step back, even if that step proves to be temporarily messy, or obstacle-ridden.

But, there’s always a gift.  In my case, it was the two good looking guys who came to my aid without complaining, and with a twinkle in their eye caused me to laugh at myself.  Take time to think about the areas in your life you believe to be impediments, and close your eyes while you focus on your breath.  Allow any thoughts to just pass through, and imagine what it would feel like to continue your life without that particular obstacle.  Feel it on an emotional level.  One stipulation.  If there are bears involved, head for the hills!

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