Are You a Nut in a Rut?

You may have heard the phrase “if the acorn yearns to be an oak tree, the oak tree is emerging in the acorn.”  In short, when you affirm or intend, as the acorn did, the potential begins to emerge.

The minute you have a desire, such as to acquire more wealth, the thought often begins to bump up against your beliefs, whatever they are.  As an example, if your belief is that rich people got their money through illegal channels or off the backs of other people’s labors, you are immediately showing a mind-set of lack and limitation.  In this case, the limiting belief held, creates an inner pressure. This inner pressure can lead to illness, anxiety, and depression.

The acorn must die for the oak tree to be born.  What I’m suggesting is, we need to consciously yield and surrender when we realize our belief systems are creating this inner pressure, or we will go into a crisis.  Unfortunately, most people who go into a crisis tend to suppress them, and they are therefore thwarting the opportunity to evolve.  Let a crisis show you the way to destroy limiting beliefs and understand that this crisis is showing you an alternate way out of the situation – a chance to grow.  Move forward in difficult times, and tap into a vision for your life by looking for clues and synchronicities.

We need to let go of negative belief patterns, or they will unfold as a crisis.  Here’s another nut analogy.  “Some seeds require a forest fire to crack their tightly wound shells open.” 


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