Improving Your Self-Awareness

I’ll bet you’re receiving emails and social media blurbs speaking of harrowing events in the world, whether on the financial, health, political, or environmental front.  The news in general, is pretty dark and depressing.  So, what’s a person to do before they fall into despair and give up?

I believe a disengagement from negativity is paramount before we fall into an emotional black hole.  We have reached a crescendo of negativity on all fronts, because as we enter into a new frequency band, and as the planet and its people are making this jump, these pustules or distortions (colorful way of putting it) are coming to the surface to be lanced and healed.  I’m not suggesting you hide your head in the sand, as some people do when they’re overwhelmed.  What I’m suggesting, is to recognize you have control over your opinions and choices.  We most certainly have control over our thoughts.

Okay – you hear something distressing.  Be willing to choose something else in the moment, and invite other possibilities into your life.  Change the thought, change the energy encryption.  Don’t feed the negative energy.  End it immediately.  Just be aware you are drifting into a negative space where your mind is falling into an inner dialogue which could turn you into a victim, and thus not in control of your circumstances.

When our minds are agitated, we become constricted on all body levels, and become energetically blocked.  We are using another brain wave pattern, and are in a Beta state, which is where most of us live when we are scared or worried.  It is really important to get yourself into an Alpha state where most children reside, and where you can feel expanded, and allow more awareness and energetic flow to come in.  Then, you get out of the victim stance, and you can feel revitalized.

So, how do you go into Alpha?   Take ten minutes and breathe.  Follow your breath, and just clear your mind.  Take a walk, and use your senses to feel / experience everything around you.  This is a type of mindfulness meditation.  Use the quick flip switch technique I wrote about.  That’s when, in just 15-20 seconds, you change a negative thought to a positive one, by concentrating on a positive experience you’ve enjoyed.  You visualize and feel the experience, using all your senses, and you have the added bonus of creating new, neural pathways in your brain.  It conditions you to offload negative thoughts more and more.  It empowers you.  Share this with anyone who comes out of a victim stance, and help raise the frequency of all those people in the environment.  It starts with every one of us.

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