The Influence of the Shadow Self

I was thinking today, while in the line at the supermarket, about transcending what some people refer to as the shadow self.  What triggered this, was a woman ahead of me, in a long robe and headscarf, whom I immediately classified as one whose religion and lifestyle were antithetical to mine.  Isn’t that interesting, I thought, I’m assimilating beliefs and ideas the media perpetuates, because I personally have never had a bad experience with someone from the Moslem faith.  This lady thought she was short-changed a quarter in her transaction, and demanded the manager, thus holding the line up, which did not help as my frustration built.  I found myself taking an immediate dislike of her.

Okay, I thought………Here’s the shadow self in action.  In psychological terms, the shadow self can be defined as a part of us that we are not proud of, that we’d rather remain hidden in order to maintain a sense of doing the “right thing”.  This shadow self stands for the side of us that has a lower frequency, and constricts our consciousness from bringing in more elevated experiences and people.  It can be represented by repressed fear, judgement, and powerlessness.  In this situation, those three alarm bells were ringing on some level for me!

Okay, I thought………At least I am conscious about what’s going on here.  So I began to take some deep belly breaths (that always helps calm me), and then think about my reaction.  I deliberately stepped outside the store after my experience to modulate the way I was thinking and change the frequency in order to transcend these negative those thought forms.  We live in a world which has a collective shadow side, as well as our own personal one.  Our job now, in these times of major energetic change is to focus on lifting our consciousness, and denying the shadow self.  What’s good for us, is good for the immediate environment, and has a cascade effect far beyond what we can imagine. May peace prevail.


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