The New Timeline

Many of us have been hearing that after December 21, earth and all forms of life on the planet have been on an ascension timeline, and a frequency split was created. Some of us are feeling this shift in energy as quite positive.  The out picture of this is that we are entering  new territory regarding the direction our lives are taking, including career, relationships, even changes in location.  We are being forced to make choices that are either evolved and sometimes heroic, or narrow and fearful.

Our mental state impacts our choices, and we must be particularly careful about these choices – not only because they have broad effects in our lives, but because, energetically, they happen very quickly.  Our mental state / thoughts directly coincide with what we experience on a daily basis.  Be aware that due to the higher frequencies coming in to the planet, our every thought, and we could have around 50,000 a day, is amplified.  The quality of our thoughts are actually creating our reality.  Not only do we have to be vigilant about our own thoughts, but there is a collective mental energy with a heightened electrical charge that oftentimes creates chaos in our own environments.  These collective thoughts can even override our own energies, unless we really “feel out” what is going on, and dis-attach from these errant energies.  Be vigilant about your own thoughts as well as the collective thoughts.  Create a sublime reality for yourself because if there was ever a time  to manifest it in your life, it is NOW!  May the force be with you.


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