A Mind or Mine field?

Last week, I spoke about the collective mental energies, and how they affect our own personal holograms.  Considering my blogs are meant to offer insights along spiritual paths, I once again ask you to consider this.

As I study a form of unified and quantum physics meeting spirituality, I have been made aware  that we are now at a time in our spiritual evolution, that the membranes between dimensional realities are becoming thinner, and are thus are affecting our personal holograms (that which we create by our own thoughts and actions).  This is due to enormous amounts of energy being focused on the planet now.

Not only that, but we share a collective hologram.  Essentially, this means there is an expansion of the energy field which contains more of the collective mental energies.  This is neither good or bad, but rather something to be aware of ,because the extreme energies being emitted now can trickle down and imbed in our own auras / energy fields.

So, what does this mean?  I believe we need to be particularly vigilant about the quality of the energies we are being bombarded with – the information we get through the news media, which admittedly makes you want to pull the covers over your head, or the judgments and fear based dialogues we sometimes hear from friends, family, and co-workers.

Why vigilant?  Because these thoughts can imbed in our own energy fields, creating massive confusion, and overriding what our real or true circumstances are.  This ultimately creates our personal hologram – that which manifests in our own lives.  Have a thought directed day!  In love and light.  Laurie

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