Realizing the Root Cause of Limiting Beliefs to Financial Prosperity

Are there areas in your life that don’t work for you?  Do things seem beyond your reach?

Perhaps you’ve been working at cross purposes.  Perhaps your conscious mind is going one way, and your unconscious is leading you in a totally different direction.  Well, know that your unconscious mind will always win out, because it exists to protect you, and often can get in the way of what you really desire.

How do you speak directly to your unconscious mind so you can respond to events differently and more effectively?  Going back in time, to the root cause of your limiting beliefs about money can end the negative patterns.  To set your unconscious on a new course, I suggest you rate yourself on a scale from 1-10 with regard to the following statements about financial prosperity, and the blocks you create.  I learned this from taking a course given by T. Harv Eker, a financial whiz with a “killer” program for financial success.  His “Millionaire Mind Intensive” and his book, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” explore the idea that you have a financial money blueprint engrained in your subconscious that you must identify and change, before you can have any type of financial success.  So, try rating the following with 1 being 100% disagreement, up to 10 being 100% agreement.

*  Getting rich is a matter of luck or fate.

*  Acquiring money takes too much work and struggle.

*  To acquire money you have to take advantage of other people.

*  If I acquire wealth, everyone will want something.

*  Money is the root of all evil. (never heard that one before, but it is some people’s program)

*  I don’t feel worthy of becoming wealthy,

*  I have to save my money for a rainy day,

These are just some of the programs most of us are running about money.

Notice when a strong resentment comes up for you, because it is an indicator of where you identify, and where you have false programming in the little computer between your ears.  More on this next week.


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