The Real Power of Love

After listening to the distressing news this morning — and when isn’t it distressing these days, I started thinking about the loving prayer groups forming all over the world, as people are committed to bring peace into the world.  Most of us sense we are precariously balanced, as our political and financial systems seem to be failing.  So, as I was driving back to Sarasota from Miami this morning, I began to think about how the real power of love is internal.

That is to say, if we can see the world in the light of love, which really only comes from within, then we can live without fear, and reside in a state of peace, and maybe even grace.  Not too many have been able to enter this state full time, but many of us have had fleeting glances into that rather sanctified state of being.

These days, I see so many people trying to find balance, experience compassion, and self-love, because it’s quite apparent that those of us who have awakened to our responsibilities of serving others and our beautiful planet, that we have to ratcheted it up.

It seems so obvious that to get love, you must first give it, and to make sure that someone loves you unconditionally, you can’t place conditions on that person.  The way to help heal others exponentially, is to understand as Deepak Chopra writes in “The Way of the Wizard,”  that you first need to purify your own life by discarding all the false and superficial ideas you have of love, and understand that your concept of love often has to do with wanting to possess, control, and dominate.  If this can be done, and we wake up to this concept, miracles can happen.

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