The Law of Attraction Works With Mathematical Exactitude

I think a good percentage of us have heard of The Law of Attraction by now.  If you look in your local bookstore, you’ll see dozens of authored works on this subject, as well as those folks in the human potential area, espousing how well it works.  Take for instance people like Harrison Klein, Gregg Braden, Dr. Robert Anthony, Dr. Susan Shumsky, Jack Canfield – all leaders in the human potential field who are well versed on this subject, and are easily researched on the internet should you wish to listen to audios and buy their programs.  Well, sometimes The Law of Attraction works, and sometimes it doesn’t.   Actually, it depends upon learning the techniques, and then being disciplined enough to do them until you reach your goal.  I for one, find it works after having read many articles, listened to dozens of webinars, culled the best information I could, and even written about it, such as I’m doing now.

We are creators, whether we realize it or not.  However, many of our creations turn out to be nightmares, or just simply uncomfortable situations we experience by default.  This is why most people believe their lives are out of control, and that things are happening to them.  Sadly, most of us go through life denying we are the cause of our own negative experiences.

The Law of Attraction operates with mathematical exactitude, as do all natural laws, including gravity and electricity.  When you can acknowledge that the thoughts coming from you are creating your reality, you can change any situation or circumstance which is keeping you from having what it is you desire.  When you can “get” that you are not a victim of your circumstance, and take responsibility for your creations, then you are ready to begin to change your life.

As I’ve mentioned before, the quantum field can create an infinite number of experiences.  What you are thinking in the moment, or the next, determines your actual experience from the probable outcomes.

Our lives are really about focusing our thoughts to create the outcome we desire.  The universe can then provide that which we put our consciousness on, or can even provide a better outcome!   Desire, intention, and knowing what you want already exists, is the key.  Through the power of focusing your intention on whatever you desire, you can manifest it into your life with absolute certainly.  But, the real deal-breaker is if you don’t have faith it will happen, and start talking yourself out of it, and you don’t keep the discipline going until it’s achieved.  This week I’m working on creating material wealth, and I’m also repeating the following affirmation.  “I am making more money than I can possibly spend, and I am helping other people who are in need because of the wealth I accrue.” 

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