Saying it in the Present Tense

Last week, I spoke about the non-conscious or unconscious part of the brain as being the captain of your ship.  To continue on with that metaphor, in order to speak directly to the non-conscious part of your brain, it is crucial to know that it perceives everything as now.”

Once again, I’m going to quote one of the leaders in the field of neuro-science and brain plasticity, John Assaraf.  He writes in his book, The Answer, “It (meaning the non-conscious brain), doesn’t operate with a concept of future turning into present ­– it’s all present.  Therefore, if you say, My business is going to serve millions of people……. to your non-conscious, it will always be going to.”

Mr. Assaraf suggests you make sure to put your statements, affirmations and visualizations in the present tense.  As an example, you would say, “My business is serving millions of people”….. or, “I’m a successful entrepreneur making more money than I can spend.”  It’s subtle but the difference in putting everything in the present tense can make dramatic changes in your life.

Neuroplasticity is an interesting concept because when it is understood and used correctly, you can create brand new brain cells and even re-mold your brain, no matter what your age.  Metaphorically, it means our brains are plastic and malleable enough to be molded the way we want.  Every time we have a new thought, we’re creating new connections.  Remember, your mind is like a super computer and your self-talk is the program you run.  So, monitor your-self talk and speak to your non-conscious mind in the present tense.

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