Creating Your Reality

Creating your reality is an ambitious task.  It all has to do with the choices you make.  Many people do not take responsibility for their choices, and tend to blame others when their world starts falling apart.  As a child your beliefs are molded by what other people think, and it is very difficult to break out of the cycle of beliefs that have been ingrained in your formative years.  Choice is the fundamental power of the human experience, and the dynamic of becoming a conscious person.  You lose your power when you put your choices into the hands of other people, and it is sometimes too late when people come to realize that.

When do we take responsibility for our choices?  For some people, never.  For others, when we realize there are collective bodies that regulate our choices for us, such as the religious or social groups we belong to.  As an example, some religions say unequivocally that there is a heaven and hell, and many people buy into this premise, leading their lives according to this restrictive belief.  We are often swayed by our social group and our family dynamic.  If we are constantly hearing from a family member that without an education, we’ll never be able to earn a good living, or by striving for wealth we can experience stress and health problems, how can we possibly break away from that mindset in order to make our own choices?  Or, how about the choice based on belief systems made by families concerning marrying into your own social class or religion?  This particular belief has undoubtedly ruined the lives of too many people.  So, how about not losing your power by taking responsibility for making your own choices, and thus creating your own reality?  If you feel you can’t do this, how about invoking the guardians in heaven, and asking them to show you every place you’re losing your power by putting it in the hands of someone else?


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