Energetic Polarities

As the planet undergoes a massive energy shift, the consciousness of individuals and collective groups seems to be shifting, and thus creating energetic polarities.  We see this happening in world politics, and in the volatile financial systems which create chaos, confusion, and ambiguity when reported in the media.  We see this through acts of deplorable greed and duplicity in our politicians.  Many of us have the sense that things are so out of alignment that it may not be possible to get back to center.

Everything we have known to be true in our physical world is shifting, and whatever fears we’ve had lurking in the dark recesses of our mind, are being brought to the surface.   This unhealed negative ego is being drawn forth to either be healed or accelerated.   Some of us may experience this fear and uncertainty as our potential future, and it is creating enormous amounts of stress and anxiety.

If we remember that we are safe in our connection to source, while at the same time are vigilant in staying within our spiritual center, we can continue to sail through these turbulent waters.  I leave you to consider that our thoughts, words, and deeds create an energetic resonance attracting its matched vibration.  This can either be a blessing or a very uncomfortable backlash.


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