Giver or Receiver?

I was just re-reading a workbook from a seminar I took which was given by T. Harv Eker. He is an international speaker on the art of creating BIG money, and he gives courses known as “The Millionaire Mind Intensive”.  He claims wealth is a state of mind, and I personally find this to be true.  I had to laugh at my notes because he informs us, “The universe is always trying to send you things, and if you keep on saying no, it sends it somewhere else.”  How ironic!  What he’s talking about, is that most of us are not good receivers, and this is why people don’t reach their true potential.  We’re just as deserving to receive as the next person, right?

Here’s something else he said that gave me a chuckle. “ It’s better to give than receive is a load of crap.”  That’s his quote not mine.  However, I can see his point because some people live their lives believing it’s better to give than receive, and possibly think they’re going to earn their angel wings, whereas they might consider something else.  In order to be a giver, there has to be a receiver.  The saying, “it’s better to give than receive” actually got distorted from a Greek saying which makes a heck of a lot more sense to me.  Here it is to ponder. “It’s better to be in a position to give, than to be in a position where you need to receive.”  In other words it’s better to be rich!  Any disagreements?


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