Neural Imprinting

I thought I’d share an experience I had concerning neural imprinting.  When an event in your mind evokes a strong emotion, “protein is released along with neuro-transmitters as the neurons fire across the synaptic gap.  This causes the event to bind to the neural pathway more strongly than if it was a neutral thought or memory.” The Answer, John Assaraf & Murry Smith.  When you deliberately review the event that evoked an emotion, and bring back that old feeling, more of the protein is released all over again.  Here’s the relevant part – when you attach a new thought, vision, or affirmation to that event, you are physically bonding that thought into this existing neural pathway.  The exploration of new developments in neuro-plasticity make it clear that you should you be interested, and the above mentioned book would be a great jumping off point.

I’d like to share an experience I had for myself.  I was moving from Scottsdale, Arizona to Sarasota, and although I knew people in Sarasota, I needed to find a place to live which would be accessible to the city, and within my budget.  I was also moving during “high season” and at that time of year in Sarasota, the snowbirds are raising the rental properties to new levels of extortion.

Here’s what I did.  I attached a previous experience which gave me a sense of exhilaration and happiness (skiing down a mountain in Vail, Colorado).  I hooked that feeling to a written statement I had typed up saying, “I am finding the perfect apartment in price and location.”  I also made an audio recording of myself reading 2 or 3 affirmations regarding the perfect place with a recording of some classical music.  This is a type of subliminal media.  The cherry on the cake was a few pictures of the perfect place to live which I mounted on white board.  One of the pictures was a bungalow with a porch surrounded by masses of foliage.  I wouldn’t be telling you this story unless I got that bungalow at just the right price, but I’m also telling you this because you can find the perfect home, the right car, the adoring partner.  You are only limited by your lack of imagination and discipline in using these tools until you get what you desire.


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