The River of Abundance

Recently, I was reading a manuscript written by Dr. Robert Anthony, who is a hypnotist, motivational speaker, and proponent of The Law of Attraction.  He used a metaphor in his writing which I found particularly intriguing.  He said, and I’m paraphrasing, we can only receive what our minds are capable of accepting.  He suggests we have BIG dreams and that we can either go to the river of life with a teaspoon, or a bucket, or barrel.  I liked that, as it kind of rings true for many of us.

When we have thoughts of lack or impoverishment, and go to the river with our pathetic little teaspoon, we can expect very little back.  We may curse the little we have in our teaspoon or the people that fill their barrels, but that won’t solve our problems.  Abundance in the form of a flowing river is always there for us and not only that, it’s overflowing!  The one limitation is our mind.  So, why not bring your bucket down to the river – you can have anything you want if you give up the belief that you can’t have it.


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