Okay, here I am back again with some version of the law of attraction because one, I find it a fascinating and empowering concept, and two, it seems to work — for myself and friends with whom I share information.  Let’s look at this again and see if it resonates.  When you make the conscious correlation between what you have been feeling and what is actualizing in your life experience, now you are empowered to make changes.  If you are not making that jump or don’t get the big ahHA and therefore keep thinking thoughts of lack about things you want, the things you want will continue to elude you.

Don’t assign power to things outside yourself because it is the perfect excuse to not take responsibility for your own creations and to explain why you aren’t thriving.  You can say to yourself, I’m not successful because I was born into poverty, and never had a good education.  I’m not thriving because my parents were too busy trying to support the family, and there was no time for me.  I’m not thriving because I was betrayed in a love relationship.  How about I’m not thriving because my government is taking all my rights away.  I’ve been hearing a lot about that lately.  And, I could certainly go on with an enormous list of “not thriving” situations but they’re really not fun to read.  Here’s the key…..You’re not thriving because you have set the bar really low, and have attained a vibration of NOT THRIVING as opposed to the different vibration of THRIVING.  Abundance, prosperity, health and love cannot find you when you are vibrating to not thriving.

So, to get out of this low vibration, you need to find a way to feel the essence of that which you really want.  To feel the essence of health or of love is what you are working toward.  When you are willing to offer the vibration of your desire before the manifestation, you’ll be on to something great.  That is a universal law.

One last thing, start with gratitude for what you do have, which immediately raises your vibration.  Think about someone or something you really love and again, you’ll raise your vibration.  Then, you have the platform to take off on imagining what you want to manifest in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


2 thoughts on “Thriving?

  1. Thank you for sharing.. it really is this veil between that determines everything about how every moment weaves into existence. WondURful reminder 🙂


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