Never Assume “All You Know”, is “All There is to Know”

When the answers to your concerns seem to evade you, instead of making a logical list of the pros and cons (although granted that sometimes helps), how about just admitting that you don’t know the answer and asking for help from the universe?  Oh, here I go again being less than rational, some may say.  But, have you ever tried it – asking for guidance, that is.

We are our own worst enemies by being too “in our heads” and not recognizing that we have guides working for us 24/7.  Some may say these guides are actually higher levels of our own identity.  After all, we live in a multi-dimensional universe with higher aspects of ourselves in each dimension going all the way up to 15 in our particular time matrix.  You’ll have to check the latest studies regarding quantum and unified field physics if you are not accepting of this new paradigm.  So, we are continually getting nudged by “our guides”, but are often too thick to pick up on it.  We are always being watched out for, but we are so entrenched in our daily life, that we don’t notice synchronicities, we don’t think of asking for higher levels of guidance, and we just don’t listen when it is given to us.

What’s a person to do?

We need to retrain our awareness, and notice when things fall into place, it is our higher guidance or our guides who are working for us.  We need to notice and say, thank you.

Put out the call for guidance when you get into bed, and say, “I need clarity on a particular situation.”

Write your desire down and say aloud, “thank you for this.  Thank you benevolent spirit, guide, higher self, God or however you want to phrase it.”

A well-known speaker / author in the Human Potential Movement, Sonia Choquette makes a most valid comment.  She says, “the key to be guided is that you must be mentally willing when a thought comes in, to say, “yes, instead of why, or I don’t believe that.”   I think she’s right on the money.  Your consciousness can move into more realms than meet the eye, and we all need to follow our guidance or our internal GPS system.   Say “yes”, instead of “why” because that puts us in a flexible mind set which opens new neural pathways in our brain and thus in your intuitive understanding of subtle and not so subtle information that comes to you.  We live in a benevolent universe that wants to help out.  We just have to get out of our own way.

Should you desire a personal consultation by phone or skype, please comment on this site and we can discuss your needs by private email.  I hope you have had a joyous Thanksgiving and are in gratitude for all the prosperity and abundance in your life, as too many people in the world are suffering.


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