Two Ways to Live

It was Albert Einstein who said, “There are two ways to live your life.  One is through living as if nothing is a miracle.  The other is living as though everything is a miracle.”  I suppose it’s like living through the eyes of a child.

Einstein might not have heard about the law of attraction, but he was certainly aware of how energy works, and how sub-atomic particles can be molded and directed through our thoughts.  So, once again, I’m on a mission to help you create little miracles in your life, and maybe some big ones.  This is done through controlling your thoughts and directing them to that which you desire to have happen, without dwelling on what you don’t want to happen.  It’s also important to note by being consumed by the unpleasant experience you’ve just had or think you will have, only pushes your heart’s desire further away.  I get a visual of the brass ring one tries to grab while on a merry go round, which is always just out of reach.

Our lives are a miracle, and the power to turn them around using our creativity, imagination, and directed thought, is a gift that has been overlooked for too long.  So why is it that too many people suffer, feel deprived, sad, and just give up?  It’s probably because most people don’t know about how to properly use the law of attraction.  Remember, when a negative thought goes unchallenged, the mind believes it and the body reacts to it.  It also has to do with that fact that most people miss the concept of patience.  There is an incubation period to receiving what you’re working on attracting.  Take tiny steps and allow them to compound.

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