MANIFESTATION or Watch Out What You Wish For!

As many of us have been reading / hearing from leaders in the human potential field, as well as in scientific journals, we are experiencing an incredible time on the planet.  The frequency is rising continually, and we are being gifted with an enormous energetic bounce that comes into our galaxy in waves called plasmas.  When this happens, we can virtually re-create ourselves, and many of us are discovering talents we’ve wished for, but thought we’d probably never attain.

Our manifestations are happening rather quickly, so as the title suggests, be careful what you wish for because it could happen in the blink of an eye.  Another potential gift we are receiving, is the ability to become more intuitive, experience synchronicities, and understand how to interpret them.  That inner knowing is finally knocking loudly, particularly for us blockheads who have been too thick to acknowledge it.  We are getting better guidance from our higher selves, and perhaps our very own personal off-planet guides.  Some of us are more than intuitive, we’re virtually telepathic.  Who needs cell phones any more?  Well, maybe just a bit longer.  Some of us see orbs, can see blockages in the body, can feel the connection to source, a higher power, God – whatever you want to call it.

These are amazing times, even though it doesn’t look too good out there with the constant political turmoil, the environmental issues, and our wreck of a financial system.  We are lancing “boils”, and all the negativity is coming to the surface.  It’s our time of purging and standing in our power with the gifts we are acquiring.  These profound times call upon us to step up and take our place in the healing of our own bodies, the planet, and all sentient beings.  Keep open-minded, stay creative, and know that the limited patterns related to fear and separation are being extinguished by the higher frequencies carrying love, and empowerment.  Take the ascension ride with joy, for that is exactly what we’re experiencing.


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